Strategies to Accelerate Hair Growth that Actually Work

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Having great looking long hair is important to everyone. Long shiny hair not only enhances the beauty of a person, but also radiates an aura of optimum health. The problem is, there are a number of factors that impact hair growth in little ways. For instance, the weather, the heat, the conditioner and a whole lot of other aspects impact how long your hair grows in the long run.

However, even though having long hair may seem too complex at times, there are certain strategies you can take to accelerate your hair growth:

Always handle your hair with utmost care

More often than not, we ignore hair completely from our daily grooming routine. We rinse hair hard after bathing. Sometimes we even pull hair for no reason. Those things add up and contribute to hair damage. Harsh rubbing may cause split hair or broken hair, that is why, it is important to slowly and careful rinse hair with a towel after bathing. Little things like tying hair and wrapping during sleep or avoiding pony tail help in the bigger picture.

Kick the temptation to wash hair daily

Washing hair daily may seem like a tremendously great idea, but it is not. When you wash hair too much, the harsh chemicals from hair products damage your hair. Moreover, daily washing can also make your hair oilier than usual.

Trim hair on a regular basis

It may seem a bit odd that hair trimming plays a role when it comes to length of hair, but the fact is that trimming is an important part of ensuring proper hair growth. Be sure to trim or cut hair from time to time. Do not always wait for your hair to become too untidy to cut. At times, have your hair trimmed even when it does not seem too long.

Go ahead and massage the scalp well

Scalp massage can help when it comes to hair growth in the long run. It is not important to get engaged in massaging the scalp every day, but doing so from time to time is definitely worth the hassle. Massaging increases blood circulation and provides essential nutrients to follicles.

Always consume healthy foods

Avoid junk food. Even though taking care of hair is not really like following a weight loss plan, still eating a healthy diet is helps. Try consuming fruits and vegetables on a daily basis, and avoid packaged unhealthy foods if you can. Stay away from fast food joints too.